Account Opening

Looking for that account that works for you?
Every individual has a different need. And at CIB, we take that into consideration while designing our transactional accounts. Whatever your need is, don’t worry, CIB has got your back!

Credit Products

Grow your business with quick & timely loans
Our Credit facilities are specially designed for SMEs and Corporates involved in profitable business ventures. Our Credit products are available to entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors like Trade and

Money Transfers

Credible money transfer system
For years, CIB has partnered with the most trusted money transfer companies to enable our customers have a secure and reliable experience while sending or receiving their moneys.

Bank overview
Cairo International Bank (CIB) is a Tier 1 Commercial Bank that was licensed by the Central Bank of Uganda
Personal banking
We have a range of unique banking products and services tailored to fit every unique lifestyle.
Business banking
Every individual has a different need. And at CIB, we take that into consideration we take that into

Our Products

Simplify school operations with unsecured overdrafts of up to UGX 100m

The CIB Bridge Account helps to facilitate school operations through providing unsecured overdrafts of up to UGX 100 Million, as and when the school needs it.

Teach your little ones to save

At CIB, nurturing a saving culture in children is important.With our Junior Savers Account, your child learns that to get what they desire in life, it starts with saving.

Scale your business to heights

Our business Savings Account is designed for all SMEs and people interested in expanding their businesses through our deposit accumulation process. The business savings accrue on a daily, weekly and monthly basis thus guaranteeing your business growth each day.

Watch your Investment dreams unfold

We understand your ambitions for the future are huge. That’s why for as little as 10,000ugx, you can start saving with the CIB Business Investment Account & ensure your investment dreams come to pass.

Live abroad, save at home!

The Miles Away Account is for people living or working abroad but wish to profitably save their money back home for future investment.

To Mecca & Medina guaranteed!

Going to Mecca & Medina is a dream come true for many. At CIB, our Hajj & Umrah Account enables you save for your trip to Mecca & Medina to fulfill your dreams & obligation as a true Muslim.

Own your car today

Want to buy a car, for you, or your business? Open a ‘My Motoka’ account with CIB to acquire a car loan and ease your movement or business transportation.

Let your ambitions have no limitations

For every salary earner, sometimes salary isn’t enough. That’s why our CIB Salary Account is designed to fix your situations with our quick loans whenever you need them!

Looking for the right Bank for your Company ?

Our CIB Company Accounts are tailored to give your Company the ultimate banking experience to ensure your businesses and operations stay afloat all the time.

Hit your target with our Fixed Deposit Account

Everyone saves with different aim. Our Fixed Deposit Accounts is intended to make sure you achieve your aim in the right space of time with our competitive annual interest rates!